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Hospitable owner Francesca in Algarve's unique apartments
Hospitable owner Pier in Algarve's best apartments


Dynamic, bright and cheerful, in love with life. I travelled all over the world as a tour guide and then I chose Salema to call home: my suitcase has finally been unpacked.

That’s the reason why Aroma di Casa: my desire to share with other Travellers the deep harmony and unique energy of this little corner of the Algarve.






Passion for food is like an addiction for me, beside a job: I’ve been hired in a couple of restaurants where I learned so many things, but most of all, dedication. Together with my way of being so precise, these two skills turned out to be quite a trump: I can’t sleep well at night if towels are not folded as I like, or the bread didn’t rise as it should. Everything has to be perfect for our guests.



Being born in the safety of my home it's been so incredible! Since then, I often meet new people: my mum hugs them so I like smiling at them and waving. 
I sleep with mum and dad and I don't like to cry: I do that only if the teething pain is too strong for me. My favorite animal is Lumi, who I call Ghi, and I love to go to the pool because I like the water. And you?

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When I ended up by chance at “Aroma di Casa Tua”, it was under construction and there I met these two lovely humans. They give me great food and care, I love staying at Aroma di Casa! 

Shakyamuni Buddha said that "There is no path to happiness... Happiness is the path".

It’s up to us to choose the places that can stimulate and protect our happiness. Mine was the World, now it’s Salema.

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