Whale watching in Algarve Salema Beach


in the Natural Park - freedom

Our dolphin watching trip is the perfect activity for those looking for an activity in communion with nature. Being able to be close to these wild animals is a unique and unforgettable experience that will certainly mark your vacation.

We leave from the beautiful Salema beach daily, with our crew consisting of an experienced skipper and a marine biologist, so that you can have the best experience possible.

In these rich waters it is possible to observe several species of dolphins, whales, birds and even turtles.

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Salema Tours

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Benagil Boat Tour b&b in Algarve



direction Benagil: jump the line

Do you want to see dolphins but also the Benagil cave? So this combo is for you! We joined our two best sellers in a tour with everything you can wish for.

Get to see dolphins in their natural habitat but also the beautiful coastline.This tour will be for sure a highlight of your holidays: adrenaline, wildlife, natural beauty, the best of the Algarve for you.

Because we leave Salema beach, it is possible to see the entire coastline up to Benagil, passing by small seaside villages, beaches and cliffs, always with the Monchique mountains, the highest point in the Algarve, in the background.

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Salema Tours

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Surf Lesson in Algarve b&b Salema Portugal


beginner to expert

In Good Feeling Surf School, we offer a 3h surf lesson with a break, that includes transport, as well as equipment and sports insurance.


Who can learn to surf? Anyone who wants to have fun! Learn to surf or brush up on your surf skills with our qualified instructors!

We’re open all year and are committed to give you the best surfing experience in the Algarve. 


Enjoy the surf with Good Feeling.

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Good Feeling

Caves SUP exploring in Algarve


from June to September - book in advance

We offer a super easy 3h guided SUP Tour that includes sports insurance, equipment and free photos.


Explore the unspoiled coast, swim into huge caves & hidden caverns, glide alongside magnificent cliffs and jump into crystal clear waters.

Join us in Algarve SUP Tours, the pioneers of SUP in the Algarve.


Algarve SUP Tours

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Kayak caves tour in Algarve south Portugal


great for family

Come and discover the most hidden corners of the Algarve by kayak. This is an activity guided by our guide who will show you caves, passages through the cliffs, beaches and edyllic scenery.


Without engines, this experience allows you to have a greater conection with Nature, with the sound of the sea and birds being the only things you will hear.


You can also stop at almost deserted beaches to rest and have a snack with the best view that the Algarve has to offer.

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Salema Tours

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Yoga on Salema Beach in Algarve, b&b activities


once a week

Meet Anna and Jonas, Yogatherapist and Yogateachers, since more than 15 years.

Enjoy a gentle yoga flow which leads to a deep yin yoga practice and ends with a guided relaxation.

Flow with the ocean.


Anna and Jonas

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Holistinc massage b&b activities in Algarve


Saturday only - on request

Want to live like a local for one day? Come with me and enjoy the slow living mood of an insider.


Starting the day with some empowering activities at the beach, followed by harvesting fresh herbs in the garden and then shopping/trading at farmers’ market. Trading?! Does this sound weird? Hope not: swapping is one of the most ancient acts that human beings did.


A little walk to the “Sardines-all-you-can-eat” restaurant to go deep into the tradition, while discovering some hidden gems along our way. Then, back home to process our beauties - we will arrange a menu according to your preferences and to seasonal products.


Hands-on: cooking and baking, rolling and cutting: fire on! Dinner is served on Aroma di Casa Mia ocean view terrace. Still some energy left? Maybe we can go fishing… ssssh.

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Aroma di Casa

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mind and body

​"After a massage, the body drifts as light as a feather on a breeze, the spirit is refueled and the mind contemplative and serene."

Enjoy an holistic massage: that's not just at a physical level, but also for your emotional and spiritual wellbeing.


Aude, 10 year experienced licensed therapist, mixes various techniques as ayurvedic, thai stretches, lomi lomi, foot reflexology and shiatsu.

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Aude Lebons

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Herbal path in Algarve


connect to nature

Visit a working herb farm where you can take a guided hour long tour of the herb gardens with the herbalist/owner, including a cup of fresh herb tea. 


Walk the nature trail or spend longer studying a plant during a morning study group.


Also available are one to one herbal consultations by appointment.


Maureen Robertson

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Italian handmade food in Algarve south Portugal


on the chef inspiration

Let's go jamming at Aroma di Casa: our “Italianity” is unlimited! There’s nothing like getting elbow-deep in pasta dough to give you a real sense of Italian food culture.


How to make ravioli and tagliatelle, but also just the best tomato sauce and pesto sauce, or even a perfect pizza… What would you like better?


After the cooking class we will enjoy all together what we cooked on the ocean view terrace.

Is it yummy enough for you?

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Aroma di Casa

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